My Annual Affection

For some reason, every year at this time, I strangely find myself thinking about Istanbul, singing about Istanbul, finding something new about Istanbul. As I recall, it started when I was a teenager. All of  a sudden, I started to grow feeling for a city I’d never been to before. Sometimes I think it maybe happened, because of a book I read back in 2004 named “Bit Palas”  by Elif Shafak. Really strange feelings, and it keeps updating every year. This year is not an exception!
To be quite honest, I’m not a big fan of this city. I’m not a ‘big’ fan of any city in particular! I do like Istanbul, but I’m not sure if it entirely fits my desired measurements, my big-city criteria. However, there is something persuasive, something obdurate about Istanbul. I can’t even name it. I’m not being poetic here, not at all.  What I know for sure about this city is that, every year, at this very time, I fall madly in love with Istanbul! For a day! Sounds like a romantic whim, doesn’t it? Hate it, and yet, I’m still unable to resist its appeal! Have you ever heard about The Sorrowful Mysteries? There are five of them. Istanbul is like the sixth mystery for me.

Loved this song! Very timely and very relevant to my mood today.
Happy 10th anniversary, my beloved Istanbul.

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