It is alright to be scared


It is alright to be scared!
Just stay there and face the fear.
Things will happen, be prepared,
Don’t we all have problems, dear?
“Life is hard” you keep on saying,
Yes, it can cause plenty of stress.
Will get worse if you stop trying,
Quit adding to it more mess.

Repeat After Me

Eat food from farmers markets (…or be a farmer)
Drink good tea each morning  (and coffee afterwards 😉)
Read books that make you feel (goodreads is watching you)
Paint, even if you’re awful (just like me^^)
Write, even when you have nothing to say (keep jabbering)
Sit in the fresh air outside (you deserve that much)
Go on hikes  (I know, right?)
Swim in lakes and wade in streams (seas are boring 🙂)
Sleep as long as you need (Oh do tell me!)
Work hard at what you love (well, we try)
Work hard at what you hate (touché)
Love unconditionally and wholeheartedly (strikes me as being possibly the hardest one)

Mahnı axtarıram

Мы запели песенку_РустамоваMəktəb vaxtından yadımda qalan bir musiqini çoxdandır ki, axtarırdım. Yadımda idi ki, bu nəğməni biz eyni zamanda iki dildə, rus və öz dilimizdə əzbərləmişdik. Rus dilində olan versiyanı asanlıqla internetdən tapdığım halda, tərcümə olunmuş versiyanı tapa bilmədim. Azərbaycan dilində olan versiyadan cəmi iki bənd yadımda qalmışdı. Continue reading


Kəlbəcər rayonundan məcburi köçkün düşüb Oğuz rayonunda məskunlaşmış bir ailə. Arıçılıq dədə-baba peşələri olduğu üçün çətinliklərə baxmayaraq burada da bu ənənəni davam etdirməyə çalışırlar. Arıların ailənin ən kiçik üzvünə kimi sancmasına baxmayaq, ağsaqqal onlardan incimədiyini və “Bal tutan barmağın da yalayar, bal tutanı arı da dalayar” deyə bildirdi. Səxavətlə məni evlərində qonaq etmək istəsələr də, bir rayonda ən çoxu Continue reading

Random tweets

TwitterOkay, let me admit it: Among all the social networks that I’m on, Twitter is the most addictive. It is now 4 years since I started using  Twitter.  The only network I don’t want to get rid of ! Why?! I don’t know. Maybe because there are more useful updates. No ‘friend’ requests and games, less characters, more effectual and beneficial. Ehm… no, I’m not an avid user 🙂 I don’t want to become one. What if I lose all my interest in this website?!  There were shutdown rumours, but I don’t think it will happen soon. Yet I decided to adapt some of my tweets into a quick blog post. Just to be on the safe side 😉 Cheers! Continue reading

Anti-tobacco sentiments

I remember when smoking was fun. All the cool kids were doing it                                                                                                                          Jen Barber

It’s against the law to smoke in these premises

Con article

Do not get me wrong, folks. I really do think that our planet would be a better place without tobacco and smoking. This is my firm belief and nothing can convince me otherwise! And I also know that the absolute majority of people hold the same views. Continue reading

Phantom Hitchhikers and Other Urban Legends, by Albert Jack

                     Just ordered!
Phantom hitchhikers and other urban legends : the strange stories behind tall tales / Albert Jack.

Blogging for a Good Book

phantom I have been interested in myths and urban legends ever since a preteen sleepover introduced me to the story of the The Hook (You know, the one about the couple at the local makeout spot who hear a strange scraping noise on the car.  They get scared and drive quickly home — only to find a bloody hook hanging from the car door handle). I have since learned to be skeptical of these stories — though it sometimes is hard to tell what is based on fact and what is fantasy.

I picked up Albert Jack’s book, and skimmed several stories before sitting down to read it cover to cover.  I was pleased to find many a tale I hadn’t heard before.

Did you hear about the scorned woman who stuffed seafood in the curtain rods throughout the home just before her ex-husband and his new wife put it up for…

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