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TwitterOkay, let me admit it: Among all the social networks that I’m on, Twitter is the most addictive. It is now 4 years since I started using  Twitter.  The only network I don’t want to get rid of ! Why?! I don’t know. Maybe because there are more useful updates. No ‘friend’ requests and games, less characters, more effectual and beneficial. Ehm… no, I’m not an avid user 🙂 I don’t want to become one. What if I lose all my interest in this website?!  There were shutdown rumours, but I don’t think it will happen soon. Yet I decided to adapt some of my tweets into a quick blog post. Just to be on the safe side 😉 Cheers!

Sometimes happiness is simply a matter of finding your tea’s optimum drinking temperature 🙂
When in doubt, reboot and shirk!
There is no benefit to society in doing the same social or ethical experiment twice in Azerbaijan! Our country is way too small for that 🙂
People who label sceptics “deniers” will kill more people than any war, massacre or famine, claims scientist!
A very Azerbaijani way of judging: An expert is anyone who is from out of town 🙂
Getting a bit too excited when opening a chocolate bar packaging without ripping it to shreds.
All weekends generate new Mondays and every Monday generates new problems.
It always makes me feel sad and gloomy to see the last patches of remaining muddy snow disappear 😐
Have you ever wondered what life would be like without forced emoticons in text messages!
Taxi driver: Do you mind if I smoke?
Me:  Uhm sorry, but I’d rather you didn’t.
Taxi driver:  I get antsy & nervous when I don’t smoke!
Me:  Right! then go ahead!!!
Saying someone goodbye & leaving. Coming back after a short while for something you forgot! Finding it, frowning at it and leaving again!
It is snowing and going to snow in the next 2 days! I wonder if i prayed too hard )
Honestly, only ethics keep IT pros from misusing and abusing the power they actually wield!
Summer roads in Azerbaijan – a very little space for bikes and cars to share! Winter roads – no space at all! :/
It really reaLLY REALLY drives me crazy when i see excessively giant crack in bathroom stall! Those stalls are about goddamn privacy!
I am not an ardent bike rider, but biking against the wind is quite something 🙂
Never, ever being sure if it’s the right time to wear your seatbelt and feeling pretty embarrassed if unable to do it within seconds!
Being too friendly to a waiter & addressing him as bro instead of just saying ‘excuse me’, so as not to appear impolite 🙂
‘Fed up with being a nice guy. Gonna tell him i didn’t like my haircut’, thought i. ‘I loved it’, said i. After i thanked the barber and left.
Do not throw your old android device away. At least you can use it as a digital photo frame 🙂
Cats in Azerbaijan are trilingual. They understand ‘kis-kis’ (rus.), ‘piş-piş’ (azeri) & body language (when they feel extremely hungry) ^^
Winter time.. Sumqayit..feels like cold sadness.. a night of heavy snow can transform it into joy!
You are using an old version of  Azerbaijani manat if it says ‘Azərbaycan Milli Bankı’ instead of ‘Azərbaycan Mərkəzi Bankı’ on your note!
Guests…dozens of kids…lost in a sea of candies and trying to escape the “Masha and the bear” madness all around me.
I’m a proud survivor of the next predicted end of the world and the longest night of the year.
I remember the time when system state backup size was insignificant, not enormous!
Some people are just cursed to be a ‘positive thinker’. Not blessed,but genuinely cursed instead! and they’re naive enough not to notice it.
Eagerly waiting for the day when Spotify finally will be available in Azerbaijan.
Rogue antivirus software – the greatest trick the devil ever pulled! infosec
Respect the technology and it’ll respect you back.
Rainy and cold outside.. warm inside.. drippy and foggy glasses.  A very good reason to think about permanently getting rid of them!
i’m not addicted to any kind of stimulants like coffee, however, i’m inclined to be jealous of those who enjoy drinking them quite often 🙂
With all due respect to Microsoft, I think that CSVDE doesn’t make that much sense. Or, am I misunderstanding the whole concept of it?!
Well, sometimes IT stands for Immature Teens
Scripting with PowerShell is like dealing with a neighbour’s outwardly aggressive dog. But once he trusts you, he’ll stop barking.
First they ignore you, then they get tired of the Blue screen errors and then you win.
Itching to be stitching) Gonna determine FSMO role holders in a Windows Server 2003(!) forest and seize them via command line.
The more i scan, the smarter I get! /search engines/
Listening to music with thoughts that no remixes can ever be as good as this one, but then secretly googling for the remix version of it ^^
A thief usually prefers to invade a place at night time, under the cover of darkness. Btw petrol prices went up again!
Hearing a recording of your own voice and deciding it’s perhaps best never to speak again!
If you really need a timely reply to your email, please state your most important ideas, points up front.
How on earth am i supposed to get job experience when no one wants to give me the first opportunity?
Winter is almost here and I’ve been raped by mosquitoes!! God bless them. Feels like summer.
Peddling all the way home. Gonna get broad feet, but who cares? )
A friend of mine won’t stop using IDE to SATA converter(!) Not cool. I see him as a pop artist making a living in the rock genre 🙂
If you listen carefully, sometimes you can hear the Traffic Jam whisper: ‘get ready to have some unexpected fun!’ Met my fellow classmates:)
Getting to sleep as much as you want! And this is not the only positive side of being sick:)
A fear of crime or making policy out of panic and ignorance. Perfectly done, Russia!
Fake elections lead to fake improvement, fake wealth and fake leadership!
Never push a loyal person to that point where they no longer care.
Sometimes good friendships arise from being a good listener.
We are listening to the same candidate. This must be love, right? 🙂 #azvote13

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