Solo backpacking

                                                                                                                                        A good traveller has no fixed plan and is not intent on arriving. /Lao Tzu/

Well, actually, I was planning to write a post about my hitching experience quite a while ago, but then, my laziness got in the way, like always and here I am, ended up with copying/pasting all my #hitchhiking and #avtostop hashtagged tweets that I wrote during my nearly five-week-long trip. I still believe, one day I’ll write a proper post with lots of pictures and videos in it. I have plenty of materials in my backpack to work with, but for now, this is all I can offer 🙂

Tell the truth and shame the devil! 🙂 See how lazy I am!  Once you start reading, you’ll probably notice the lack of logical precision. You see, instead of putting some effort into listing things in chronological order – from the beginning to the end, I just went backwards.  The easiest possible way to collect your stuff 🙂

And, by the way, speaking about Twitter, thanks to everyone who put up with my babbling and shared my posts 🙂 You are more than welcome to follow me! (@easgarov)
Also,  I am indebted to my friend, Aylan Aghamliyeva (@aghamaliyeva), not only for encouraging me to travel solo, but also for covering up all my wrongdoings and sins }:D

Now, let’s get started


“Thumbing my way” 🙂

That period when you’re just back from a long travel and nothing pleases you:-| #avtostop#hitchhiking
The longer you wait to start #travelling, the more you’re going to miss out.
#hitchhiking without a #car is like planning a murder out loud and not getting found 😉  
Ready or not, it’s time to head back home.
One of the advantages of #hitchhiking alone: it simply forces you to interact with other travellers 🙂
And why do all these yellow cars with the word ‘taxi’ on them expect me to cough up and pay them after?;-D
It’s easy to say & hard to do, but try and do not let your fear dictate, rule over your decisions to #travel, to explore more.
Gently braking on a wet surface at very high speed! Sounds like a music to my ears =) #avtostop#hitchhiking#cars
Just got a ride from a #turkish guy! Samet, the rider=). Someone up there watches over me. Cheers)
I beat my own record today. Bloody 35 mins and there’s still no car heading my way! I need a profanity buzzer:-@
What a day, what a crew! Met some great folks, locals including Alan&Sonet. Gotta enjoy it to the fullest! #CSgathering#Rijeka#hitchhiking
Lessons learnt: You are never, ever truly lost and alone.
I can’t imagine anyone more free than a hiker without a boring schedule, preset travel rules, dates and directions.

Jahangir and Gunel are waiting for a random car to take them home /Ganja/

Ganja. Jahangir and Gunel are waiting for a random car to take them home

I‘m going to attend a festival of hitchhikers tomorrow. A lot of people from all around the world in one place!
Temporary airbrush #tattoo. Well, it’s not nearly as exciting as people make it out to be (:
No matter what you do, where you go and how hard you try, there will always be someone who has done more:) #Peter#avtostop#hitchhiking
Flirting with nature! I’ll tell you what it is like. It’s like being happy for no reason.And yeah, i’m very sober 🙂

Sun is almost gone and I'm still looking for a place to pitch my tent

Sun is almost gone and I’m still looking for a place to pitch my tent

Had a rough time getting through the thick bushes and finding a good place to build a fire on!
All of a sudden a cold wind began to howl and I took it as a first step towards the short days and the long nights.
And i keep whispering to myself that no, my ship hasn’t sailed yet. But no man in his right mind would continue.
Yeri gelmishken, çantamdan da çox raziyam. Sadiq olduguna, mene dözdüyüne göre)
Bu gün gecenin düshmesini gözlemishem. Yeni fanar almisham. Sinaqdan ugurla çixdi ve çantamda öz fexri yerini aldi=)
Mighty tired. Gonna make ‘do not bother me’ face. It helps alot.
I reckon a little bonfire couldn’t be noticed! So let’s take some fish off of a hook and cook up a hot breakfast 🙂
Kiçik sheherlerde gecelemek üçün yer axtarmagi axshama saxlamayin. Xüsusen de eger ucuz hostel axtarirsinizsa!
#Ahvaland – land of water. #avtostop #hitchhiking

@GunelIsakova Camilla Gunell – Premier of the government of #Aland!! #guesswhat
Oh rain, please go away. Come again some other day!
Arghhh! there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing =!
Hmm, it is slowly getting darker and colder! got my sleeping bag with me^^ but yeah, extra jackets would do no harm!
Yaxin dostumdan meslehet: ‘Destemaz almagi bilirsense #avtostop zamani qalmaga yer tapmadiqda mescidde de qala bilersen’
Bele de olur. Bezi dostlarin zengini, mesajini xüsusile gözleyirsen. Onlarsa susur.



Yatmaq üçün ölürem ifadesi heç vaxt mene aid olmayib ve mence heç vaxt da aid olmayacaq. Yola davam.
Bezense sene ehtiyaci olan dostlara elin çatmir. Üzülürsen ve bütün ümidlerini gedeceyin növbeti shehere baglayirsan.
Çox uzaqlarda olarken ne qeder tenha qalmaq istesen bele birden çox tanish ses eshitmek ve görmek hemishe xoshdur =)
Axi dagin bashina kimi ardinca gelen, gözlerini senin gözüne zilleyen bir pishik balasiyla yemeyini nece bölmeyesen^^
Dammit! They say #hitchhiking is forbidden on three (!) well-patrolled highways ='<
While #hitchhiking alone wear your most valuable stuff – wallet/money, passport, phone on your body!
Very badly miss my very first hand-me-down road #bike. Oh brother, where art thou?:(
Tam ciddi sözümdür. Indi qarshimda olan menzereni görmek üçün bütün geceni yol boyu sülenmeye deyerdi =)
Gece düshür. Amma mene çox vaxt geceler düshmür. 2 saatdir 1 dene mashin gelmir.
Asfalta yamaq vurmaq ancaq bize aid deyilmish. Hey gidi dünya, bu üsulu da ogurladilar bizden!
Battery died! It made me think that every single day has its own tune. Today’s tune is silence.
Putting your hat on the seat next to you and making it appear already taken! #socheap

Aylan: ‘humanity has not come up with anything better than travelling’ =)
There are two kinds of people, dears. Those who miss their #friends and those who are already with their friends.
I‘m really really trying my hardest to protect all my road-stuff. I think i’m getting paranoid 😎
There is a huge difference between wasting and killing your #time. Do whatever you want, but guys, Do Not waste it
A beautiful bug bit me in my sleep. Twice! But, i can’t stay mad at insects. Always end up with forgiving them:)
Gece saat 2-dir! Derdim bu deyil. Fanarimi itirmishem. Keçinerem birteher. Derd odur ki, #hitchhiking qadagan olunan yerdeyem 😦
Bir böcek meni dishledi 2 gün xeste yatdim. Amma men kin saxlamiram. Agli olsaydi qonaqperverliyimden istifade ederdi.
I‘ve been fighting some stupid sickness for 2 days (feels long thou) and on top of it lost my torch today :@

At the top!

At the top!

Lorries, lorries. I love lorries ^^ #hitchhiking #lorry #avtostop
I tell you guys, there is something slightly thrilling about #hitchhiking during the darkness 🙂
Yene seher açilib. Yataqdan qalxib arzuladim ki, qoy bizi yuxu yox, olmaq istediyimiz yerlere uzanan yollar aparsin.
Bu gün Zlata ile tanish oldum. Tam ciddi ‘ne zamansa qafqazli #avtostop‘çu göreceyimi aglima getirmezdim’ dedi. Mezeli qizdir:)
– Zlata: Tell me, how does it feel to climb into a car with a perfect stranger?
-Me: Bloody good question! Uhm, awfully good:)
Life is too short and the world is wide as hell ='(



Çöreyi qiragindan yediyimiz kimi oldugumuz her sheher ve rayonlari onlarin etrafini-kendlerini gezerek taniyaq.
Carefulness and wariness should not prevent us from satisfying our curiosity, our hunger for new discoveries!
Ehtiyatligimiz ve narahatligimiz maragimizi ve yeni keshflere olan acligimizi tetmin etmeye mane olmamalidir!
Avtostop zamani gülümsemeyi de unutmayin! Unutmayin ki, insan gülümsemeyi tergitdiyi an qocalmaga bashlayir.
Bakidan Zaqatalaya, Mingeçevirden Batumiye kimi #avtostop seyahetim zamani 2 ferqli eksperiment apardim. Neticeleri bölüshecem.
#Avtostop zamani plakatdan istifade edirsinizse yaxshi nezere charpsin deye yazinin hashiyelerini daha tünd boyayin.
Avtostopçunun saçının həddindən artıq qısa olması sürücülərdə şübhə yaradır,biləsiniz )

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